BOS Application Toolkit Structure

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The BOS (Base Operating System) will be comprised of "toolkits". Each toolkit will contain modules that will be used to manage content data. Here is what the BOS toolkit structure will look like. 

[Image: bf3-newstructure.jpg]

/BOS - Root folder for the BOS application. This contains the base index page, registration and login pages, and a few other system scripts.
/BOS/BAT - Base Application Toolkit: core CSS and javascript libraries, and Blueprint module.

/BOS/CATContent Application Toolkit: basic content modules (CAD, DICK, JACK, and PAWS).
/BOS/DAT - Data Application Toolkit: CRUDE module, and other data-related scripts and files.
/BOS/FAT - File Application Toolkit: file management scripts and the PAGES module.
/BOS/HAT - Helper Application Toolkit: third-party API integration scripts (HAPI module).
/BOS/MAT - Modular Application Toolkit: advanced modules, such as MAD, SLIDES, SHOP, and others.
/BOS/PAT - Portal Application Toolkit: scripts and data files for users (PAD module).
/BOS/RAT - Repository Application Toolkit: additional libraries, scripts, and other re-usable files (SAD module).
/BOS/SAT - System Application Toolkit: system data and scripts for running BOS.
Each toolkit will have their own versions, since each module will be able to function independently of each other.
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